Our Principles


The Associates of McWhinney, desirous of providing all of our customers both internal and external with the highest level of service, proclaim to the McWhinney Promise of Fabled Service.

Article 1- We listen.
Bring your dream. If you dream it, together we will create it.

Article 2 – We exceed expectations.
We meet our expectations when we exceed yours.

Article 3 – We innovate and improve continuously.
As we undertake our quest to provide perfect service with every customer, every time, we bring inquisitive and creative thinking and constant attention and renewal.

Article 4 – We are united.
We are Associates whose loyalty is founded in the shared, inherent and genuine belief that Fabled Service is quite simply what our customers deserve.

Article 5 – We care.
Creating great places for people starts with our deep respect for each other, our community, our customers and our legacy.

Article 6 – We are committed to serving others.
This is our passion and we fulfill it.

Article 7 – We demonstrate leadership.
We provide a level of service that sets an inspirational and aspirational example for others to follow.

Article 8 – We have integrity.
We do what we say we are going to do.

Article 9 – We have fun.
We enjoy life to the fullest and it shows.

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