Since 1991, McWhinney has demonstrated how residential, commercial, municipal, recreational and sustainable developments can create synergy and thrive in a single location.

By combining near-term economic viability with a long-term plan that is sensitive to each region, its changing demographic, and an underlying ethos of environmental stewardship, McWhinney has successfully turned empty prairie space into vibrant places where people live, work and play.

Our communities include:

  • Design guidelines to control and deliver quality developments
  • Inviting site entries to create a sense of place and arrival
  • State-of-the-art commercial spaces to offer visually interesting exteriors
  • Worker-friendly environments help businesses attract and retain talent
  • Development along major corridors provides high visibility and easy access
  • Residential options available in a range of price and size
  • Integrated amenities to support all phases of life
  • Recreational trails and connections to nature

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